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What markets does Cloudbet cover?
What markets does Cloudbet cover?

Discover what sports markets Cloudbet offers. Navigate through hundreds of sports bet outcomes from our sports page.

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Cloudbet offers hundreds of markets on the world’s most popular sports that you can explore from our sports page.

To see betting markets available for a sport:

  1. Go to Sports and select a sport.

  2. Choose an upcoming event for that sport.

  3. From the event page, toggle between market titles to see available markets:

Typically, bet outcomes are grouped depending on the type of market, for example, 1st-half, 2nd-half, Points, and Quarters. If the title is greyed out, the market is not currently available for this event.

Favorite markets and bets

For easy access, simply star or Favorite your preferred betting outcomes, and it will appear in the ‘Favorites’ tab for all events of the sport.

Can’t find a market?

If you don't see a particular betting market you want, here are some options:

  • Check back later. Betting markets are added up until an event starts. The market you want may still be added.

  • Try a similar market. Review other related markets that may provide a close alternative to bet on.

  • Explore other events. Look for your desired market being offered at other events in the sport.

  • Email support. Contact our support team at [email protected]. We monitor player requests and may add markets based on demand.

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