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How do I see details of my pending and settled sports bets?
How do I see details of my pending and settled sports bets?

Find out how to view your pending and settled sports bets at Cloudbet. Visit your bet history in your account menu.

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To view the status and details of all your open and settled sports bets on Cloudbet:

  1. Log into Cloudbet and select ‘My bets’ from your account menu:

  1. Then, select ‘Full bet history’.

From here, you’ll see two tabs for Open (or pending) bets and Settled bets.

Viewing open bets

Open bets are bets that have been placed and are awaiting an official result. The Open bets tab shows details of your pending bets, such as the selection, stake amount, and potential returns. Players can use the dropdown menus from the ‘My bets’ to filter bets.

Viewing settled bets and bet IDs

Settled bets are those where the outcome is official, and any potential payouts have been made to player wallets. For these, you will see settlement details, including your stake, potential returns, and the win/loss outcome.

Select the event name to see the official outcome as recorded by our system.

To see details of a settled bet, including your Bet ID, select the arrow icon.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a settled bet, please contact our customer support team for assistance with your Bet ID on hand.

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