The Best Crypto Sportsbook for Badminton Betting

Last updated 13th June 2022

Badminton is one of the fastest, most exhilarating spectator sports out there, and when you bet on badminton you only boost the excitement to even higher levels. At Cloudbet, we cover the world of badminton in great detail, offering a huge range of badminton betting options and always ensuring we offer some of the most competitive badminton odds around.

What really makes us stand out from the competition is this: we were the first Bitcoin betting site around, and we still allow you to bet on badminton with Bitcoin, along with a range of other cryptocurrencies. Our commitment to crypto has distinguished us for many years and makes us one of the most popular sites in the world for gambling on badminton, as well as most other sports, with cryptocurrency.

Does badminton betting at Cloudbet sound exciting to you? If so, create an account with Cloudbet today and join in on all the fun.

How to Bet on Badminton with Bitcoin

Firstly, you’ll need to have an account with Cloudbet – if you don’t it will take just a few minutes to sign-up. You’ll then need to fund your account using one of many available cryptocurrencies on offer, remembering to claim the fantastic Cloudbet welcome bonus when you do. Once you’ve got money in your account, you’re ready to start badminton betting.

To find all available badminton betting markets, you’ll need to select the “Badminton” option from the side menu where the different competitions you can bet on will be displayed. Cloudbet also offers an option to check on the matches currently in-play, as well as those due to be played today or tomorrow. Outright markets are also often offered.

Use the different options to pick the badminton match you want to bet on, and then browse through the different markets available. Found an attractive market? If so, click on it and then enter how much Bitcoin you’d like to stake. Then click the “Place Bet” button. Your bet is now made, and you can sit back and watch the match. Hopefully your badminton bet will be a winning one!

When betting on badminton with Bitcoin at Cloudbet, punters will find a range of different betting options available. The most popular Bitcoin gambling markets are outlined below – check them out to work out which of them is best.

  • Badminton Winner 

The simplest way to bet on badminton with Bitcoin is to place a wager on the player you think will win a match. Quite simply, choose the badminton player who is likely to win, and if they do, you’ll get a payout. That’s really all there is to it!

  • Badminton Handicap 

Handicap bets aim to level the playing field, making for a more even contest. With a handicap market, games are either given or taken from a player. The next step is to choose which player will win once the additional or subtracted games are taken into account. For example, in a best-of-three game, we might give a player 1.5 games. Therefore, they’ll win even if they lose 2-1 – the extra games will make the handicapped score 2-3.5 instead.

  • Badminton Total 

In this bet type, punters have to predict whether there will be more or less points scored in the match than what is stipulated on the sports book. The total is usually set to ensure both under and over have similar odds.

  • Badminton Live Betting

Badminton is the perfect sport for live betting, and badminton live betting is exceptionally popular with punters here at Cloudbet. To start live badminton betting, just click the “In-Play” option on the badminton page, and you’ll then see all the ongoing matches that you can bet on live.

At Cloudbet, we ensure our live betting platform is one of the most responsive around, with odds changing quickly to truly reflect the state of a match. We’ve also invested a lot of time into making sure badminton live betting, as well as live betting on all other sports, is intuitive and easy, so players can make bets quickly and without any hitches.

You’ll find various live badminton betting options, including markets on the winner, handicaps and totals. Punters will also be able to bet on individual games and which player will get to a certain number of points first, plus much more.

Is there a badminton match happening right now? If so, you should check out the range of live betting options available to you.

Cloudbet offers badminton odds on all the major tournaments, as well as many minor tournaments, making Badminton coverage some of the best online. Of the tournaments covered, the following are the largest and most popular with those looking to bet on badminton with Bitcoin.

  • BWF Thomas Cup. This is the biggest tournament around. It’s a team tournament contested between male players from different countries. Cloudbet covers both qualification for the event and the main tournament.
  • BWF Uber Cup. This is the biggest tournament in the world for women’s international teams and it’s held at the same time as the Thomas Cup. As with the Thomas Cup, you can find betting odds for both qualification and the main event.
  • BFF Sudirman Cup. This is the world championship for mixed teams. It happens every two years and there’s no prize money. Cloudbet covers the entire tournament, offering a range of different markets.
  • BWF World Championship. This is the most prestigious tournament in the world, where the top men, women and teams go up against each other to be crowned world champions. There’s no prize money, but there are many ranking points up for grabs.
  • Olympics. Badminton is an Olympic sport, with medals available in men’s, women’s and team tournaments. As with the rest of the Olympic events, you can find lots of Olympic badminton betting options.
Badminton Betting Tips

Looking for some badminton betting tips? If so, check out the three tips we’ve got for betting on badminton with Bitcoin below.

  • Use bankroll management. Bet smart and only bet what you can afford. This ensures you don’t lose all your money quickly and that you get to make several bets.
  • Immerse yourself in badminton. If you want to be the best at badminton betting, you need to immerse yourself in the game. Understand everything there is to know and get to know the various players such as Victor Axelsen, Kento Momota, Marcus Ellis and others, so your badminton predictions are always informed.
  • Find the best odds. It goes without saying that you should always find the best badminton odds. Luckily, we offer some of the best odds around, which is why so many gamblers choose to bet on badminton with Bitcoin here at Cloudbet!

We offer markets on a huge range of badminton tournaments. So, sign up for an account, deposit some Bitcoin, and then start badminton betting at Cloudbet – the world’s original cryptocurrency betting site.