Warren Sharp
Fri, May 14 5:43 PM

who are the 2 teams they play on short rest during the 4-in-17 stretch? Super Bowl Champion Buccaneers Super Bowl Runner-up Chiefs right after the NFL's only 4-in-17 run of the 2021... the Eagles then play 5 road games in 7 weeks (only 6 other teams play such a stretch)

Thomas R. Petersen 🦅
Fri, May 14 12:35 PM

The Eagles are the only team with 4 games in 17 days in 2021, and are the only team with such a streak 3 times in the past 10 years. Only 3 other teams have 2 streaks like that. A head scratching challenge for the most injured team since 2018. #Eagles (h/t to @SharpFootball)

Fri, May 14 5:42 PM

React to your team’s 2021 schedule using only emojis! 🏈🏟️🙌 We’ll share the best responses!

Fri, May 14 5:36 PM
Indianapolis Colts
Fri, May 14 5:32 PM

The rookies are off and running. #ForTheShoe

Fri, May 14 5:23 PM
Atlanta Falcons
Fri, May 14 4:55 PM

Let's work, @kylepitts__!

Fri, May 14 4:56 PM
Cincinnati Bengals
Fri, May 14 2:40 PM



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