Warren Sharp
Mon, May 10 5:55 PM

games losing the turnover battle since 2019 (out of 32 games played) 17 - PHI 16 - HOU, CIN, DET, NYG, LAR, CAR, DAL 15 - DEN 14 - SF, ATL, CLE, CHI 13 - MIN, LVR, NYJ, JAX, IND, LAC 12 - MIA, ARI 11 - WAS, TB 10 9 - TEN 8 - KC, PIT, SEA, NE, GB 7 - BUF, NO 6 - BAL

Mon, May 10 5:41 PM
Baltimore Ravens
Mon, May 10 5:23 PM

"He'd be the kind of guy you'd be very proud of to have as a son." EDC on @Lj_era8's leadership. 🗣: https://t.co/rcJ9lJzMVt https://t.co/vJE9WwhlyB

Mon, May 10 5:31 PM
NFL Throwback
Mon, May 10 5:30 PM

Rookie @DezBryant. (2010)

Mon, May 10 4:30 PM

.@TomBrady returns to Foxboro in 2021. 🐐👀 Looking back at the GOAT's top five moments with the @Patriots. (via @nflthrowback) 📺: #NFLScheduleRelease -- Wednesday at 8pm ET on @nflnetwork https://t.co/Wo09m66SmV

Warren Sharp
Mon, May 10 4:18 PM

vet players the pros are buying 🚀 Matt Ryan 🚀 Sam Darnold 🚀 Myles Gaskin 🚀 Mike Davis 🚀 James Connor 🚀 Zach Moss 🚀 Jerry Jeudy 🚀 Antonio Brown 🚀 Darnell Mooney 🚀 Mecole Hardman 🚀 TJ Hockenson 🚀 Anthony Firkser @LordReebs analyzes movement https://t.co/dYOCGmCR63


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