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You Push We Pay


We’re raising the game by awarding push handicap bets on zero margin NFL games as winning bets!

There have been some thrilling finishes and devastating heartbreakers this season. Make the most of it by increasing your chances of winning with our You Push We Pay offer!

How do I take part?

Simply place a handicap bet on our zero margin NFL games and we’ll award it as a winning bet if it results as a push. Bets need to be placed before the game begins to be eligible for our offer.

What is a push bet?

A push occurs when an event ends without a winner or loser for betting purposes and stakes are refunded.

Handicap bets are graded as push if the point adjustment leads to a tie.

For the purposes of this NFL offer, any push handicap bet on zero margin games will be graded as a win.

What are zero margin games?

Cloudbet's zero margin games are commission-free events which ensure you maximise your winnings with the best possible odds. Unlike normal events, there’s no juice, no vig - 100% of the winnings are yours.

How do I know which game has zero margins?

Zero margin events and their zero margin markets are highlighted in yellow (in Classic Dark mode) or blue (in Classic Light mode) when activated. These odds will only be available for pre-game bets so get your bets in before the game begins.

Cloudbet will offer at least one zero margin NFL game in every week of the regular season.

Is there a minimum and maximum stake amount?

Bets between the equivalent of US$20 to US$200 are eligible for this offer. That means you will need to bet at least 1mBTC and up to a maximum of approximately 0.011 BTC to take part.

Unfortunately bonus bets are not eligible for this offer.

When will I receive my winnings?

Eligible push bets will be credited as wins and awarded to your account within 48 hours after the game has ended.

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