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Buzzer Beater Bonanza


Things are getting mad at Cloudbet this March! 

Lost your NCAA March Madness bet to a buzzer beater? Don’t worry, we’ll grade it as a win! 

How does it work? 

Place a pre-game money line or 1x2 bet on a March Madness basketball game and if you lose because of a buzzer beater, we’ll grade it as a win! 

How do you define a buzzer beater? 

For the purposes of this promotion, a buzzer beater is a lead-changing shot made within 0.9 seconds or less in regulation or overtime that changes your wager from a winning position to a losing position.

Free throws will not count as buzzer beaters. 

Which bets are eligible? 

Both losing pre-game money line or 1x2 bets will be graded as wins if a buzzer beater is scored. 

What if I placed multiple money line or 1x2 bets? 

Only the first pre-game money line or 1x2 bet on each game will count towards this promotion. 

Is there a maximum stake amount? 

Stakes up to $300 on eligible bets will be paid out as wins. Bonus bets and parlays are not eligible for this promotion. 

What if I bet the draw on 1x2? 

If a draw was avoided due to a buzzer beater during regulation, your bet will be graded as a win. 

Does a buzzer beater that is scored in overtime count? 

Yes, overtime buzzer beaters will count for Money Line bets.

When will I receive my winnings? 

Your bet will be paid out as a win within 48 hours, if not sooner.


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