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Padres Triple Payout


The San Diego Padres achieved their first-ever no hitter last month against the Texas Rangers as Joe Musgrove struck out 10 and faced 28 batters.

This May, we'll triple your winnings on run line stakes up to $100 if the Padres pull off another no-hitter in that game!

How does it work?

Place a pre-game run line bet up to $100 on the San Diego Padres. If the Padres achieve a no hitter in that game, either single or combined, we will credit your account with free bets worth double your winning run-line payout amount.

How are the triple winnings paid out?

Run line winnings will be paid out in the currency of the bet placed and the remaining amount will be awarded as bonus bets.

Will the bonus bets have any restrictions?

Bonus bet will feature a 1x rollover and minimum odds of 1.50.

What is a no-hitter?

A no-hitter, or a no-no, or a no-hit game occurs when a pitcher (or pitchers) allows no hits during the entire course of a game, which consists of at least nine innings.

Does a combined no-hitter count towards this offer?

Yes, combined no-hitters count towards this offer.

Is this offer valid for seven-inning games?

This offer is only valid if a no-hitter occurs in a nine-inning game.

Which games are eligible for this offer?

All San Diego Padres games played in May where they throw a no-hitter are eligible for this offer.

Does this offer count towards parlay bets? 

No, this offer is only valid for single pre-game run line bets. 

Can I place multiple pre-game run-line bets?

Only the first pre-game run line bet placed on each San Diego Padres game by a player during May will count towards this offer.

Can I use bonus bets? 

Bonus bets can not be used for this offer.


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