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Can you predict the Euro 2024 champions?

Most Popular outrights

Euro 2024 Winner

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England flag
NUMBER  4.88
Germany flag
NUMBER  5.48
France flag
Portugal flag
NUMBER  7.48
Spain flag
NUMBER  7.48

Euro 2024 Top 8

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Italy flag
NUMBER  2.10
Poland flag
NUMBER  8.49
Belfium flag
NUMBER  1.70
Croatia flag
NUMBER  2.99
Netherlands flag
NUMBER  1.66

Top goal scorer

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K. Mbappé
NUMBER  5.31
H. Kane
NUMBER  6.65
C. Ronaldo
NUMBER  11.7
J. Bellingham
NUMBER  12.5
O. Giroud
NUMBER  32.6

Group stage outrights

Group stage outrights

Early odds favor the traditional powerhouses, with France, England, and Germany leading the pack. Defending champions Italy will look to prove their odds, while dark horses like Belgium and Portugal aim to make a statement.

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