Esports Bitcoin Betting on Warcraft

Last updated 1st June 2022

The Best Crypto Sportsbook for World of Warcraft Betting

Bet on World of Warcraft with Bitcoin at Cloudbet, the original cryptocurrency sports betting website.

World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games online, and it is now also exceptionally popular with betting fans. We offer Warcraft PvP betting on a range of the biggest tournaments around, including the hugely popular World of Warcraft Arena World Championship, providing the kind of in-depth coverage fans of the esport love.

What’s more, we make sure to provide some of the highest odds around, meaning you’ll receive fantastic prizes when your bets are winners. This is the case for both standard Warcraft betting and live betting.

How to Bet on World of Warcraft with Bitcoin

Betting Warcraft with Bitcoin is extremely easy – if you’ve ever placed a bet on another sport before, you’ll find betting on Warcraft to be exactly the same. Once you’ve signed up, the betting process takes just seconds, which is especially important for those looking to bet live on World of Warcraft.

Still not confident in placing a bet on World of Warcraft at Cloudbet using Bitcoin? If not, just follow the simple instructions we’ve listed for you below.

  • Sign up for an account with Cloudbet
  • Find out the address of your Cloudbet wallet
  • Open your personal wallet and send money to your Cloudbet account
  • Claim a bonus worth up to 5 BTC on your first deposit
  • Check out the WoW markets and place your bet

Scooped a win betting on World of Warcraft? If so, you’ll find it easy to get hold of your winnings. In fact, once you’ve made a withdrawal request, we’ll send the money over to your personal wallet in just minutes.

World of Warcraft Betting Markets

 Looking for a huge variety of World of Warcraft betting options? If so, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here at Cloudbet. This includes both markets prior to the event, as well as live betting, which can be complemented by a live stream.

We’ll offer betting on all major World of Warcraft match-ups, between some of the biggest teams around, such as Cloud9 and Spacestation Gaming. You will, of course, be able to bet on which team will triumph, but we also offer other markets on individual matches too, such as betting on the overall score

We also allow you to bet on the outcomes of entire tournaments, sometimes months before the tournaments are due to take place. Outright betting on World of Warcraft offers some exceptionally high odds, plus makes every tournament an exciting one.