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Octopus Armada

In 2019 a group of 33 scientists published a peer reviewed paper suggesting that Octopuses provide evidence of Panspermia – which posits that life on Earth was seeded from elsewhere via a comet. The Octopus, they claim, is highly likely to be an alien life form.

Like any right thinking human this got us worried. We’ve ruined the planet, we’re poisoning the oceans and we’re pretty sure our resident cephalopods are somewhat peeved about the situation.

How are we meant to fight a race of blue-blooded space-faring superbeings with 8 arms, 9 brains and 3 hearts?

We can’t, we’re all doomed, but while we’re waiting for our alien overlords to arrive you can ensure you are totally unprepared by spending your time playing Octopus Armada.

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