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Cloudbet Sports Loyalty Program - Beta Testers Welcome

Enrol as a beta tester in our new Sports Loyalty program. Provide feedback, built the experience with us and get a head start.
Betting Strategy

What Do Betting Odds Mean? An advanced guide to deciphering different types of odds in betting

Betting odds help indicate the likelihood of an event and may help you determine whether a wager is worth pursuing if you can find value in the odds. Find out how to interpret those numbers and grasp the difference between the different odds formats.
Crypto 101

Two Altcoins Grabbing Attention: Cardano and Solana

As Cardano and Solana gain exposure to a much larger audience, we take a closer look at the two altcoins making a splash and how likely they are to triumph in the long run.

Betting on League of Legends Explained: The Simplest Way to Learn And Tips on Winning

League of Legends is a free-to-play team brawler set in a fantasy world. Boasting more than 90 million monthly players, it's currently one of the world's most popular eSports and tournaments. Here's your definitive guide to the most popular MOBA.

The Tricky Science of Advanced Blackjack Strategy

This guide explores the science behind advanced strategies for winning at blackjack. Learn the rules of the game, how to decide on your game plan, and how to practice your strategy.
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Sports Betting API Tutorial with Golang

Cloudbet shares its Sport Betting API with our professional users - who may appreciated this guided tour.
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German Election Betting: Cloudbet Introduces New Election Page with Extensive Features

After the hugely popular uptake of Cloudbet's US Election betting offering, we offer players markets on the 2021 German federal election.

European football returns: Protecting their crowns

Assessing the reigning champions and title contenders in the Premiership, Bundesliga and LaLiga.