Introducing the future of Cloudbet

After months of developing and testing, we are excited to unveil an entirely new, next-generation version of Cloudbet, representing an exciting new phase of a story that began more than six years ago.

A new chapter in Cloudbet's story

Cloudbet is a pioneer of bitcoin betting. We took our first bet way back in 2013, in the early days of crypto and since then have taken over 10 million crypto wagers and paid out more than 700,000 BTC in winnings. This has earned us the reputation as the most trusted and secure bitcoin sportsbook and casino operator in the world. Since then the industry has grown and so has the competition. In order to maintain our supremacy we’ve been busy reinventing our platform, and the new platform is the result.

Moving from Beta

Any new product or service goes through a series of testing phases before being fully launched into the wild. At each stage, kinks and issues are ironed out to arrive at a final, finished and polished product.

We have already introduced some of the great new features to users under the name of Beta. That was a way of both blowing our trumpet, as well checking that we’ve got things right by inviting feedback, before telling the world.

What’s under the hood?

The new platform is the culmination of a long process of absorbing customer comments to address the shortcomings of the existing site, while also adding awesome new features. The highlights include:

The highlights include:

  • Much quicker load times on mobile devices
  • New Quick-bet slip - a new interface to place bets in two taps
  • New Esports betting offering
  • New language options including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese
  • Buy BTC, ETH and BCH with a bank card via our new partners Moonpay
  • Play with Ethereum (more new coins coming soon)
  • Improved, intuitive navigation and user interface
Beta is the culmination of a long process of absorbing customer comments to address the shortcomings of the existing site, while also adding awesome new features.

We don’t want to overload you with information right now. In the coming weeks we’ll be taking deep dives into each of the highlighted features and sharing those details in your inbox, on our Twitter account and Bitcointalk thread.

So does it work like the existing site?

The new site is a streamlined version, rather than a full product. We want to make sure the fundamentals work - such as bet placement, deposits and withdrawals - so you’re able to do all of this on the new platform now. In time, we will expose additional sections like Help, promotional pages and other new features to enhance your gaming experience.

Do I need a different account?

No. Your existing Cloudbet account will work.

Can I place bets or fund my account in the same way?

Yes. The new site is fully functional from a sports betting and casino wagering perspective with the added benefit of entirely new markets like eSports. Please be aware that bonus functionality will not be switched on until full launch.

Please Tell Us What You Think

We hope we’ve got your attention! Please hit the button at the end of this article to start betting on the new Cloudbet. Then tell us what you like or dislike, and what features you’d like to see: Simply email us at

We thank you for your ongoing support, and we hope you enjoy the new product!

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