World Cup bitcoin betting: All you need

Though Bitcoin was born in 2009, World Cup bitcoin betting has entered the mainstream in Russia. If you're among the growing number of bettors keen to bet on the World Cup Final with bitcoin, Cloudbet has everything you need.

Cloudbet is a bitcoin sportsbook and casino known for offering great odds, the highest limits and the widest range of pre-game and in-play markets. This is especially true for the World Cup Final between France and Croatia, where we are offering an astonishing number of World Cup bitcoin betting options and unbelievable limits up to a massive 100BTC or 700BCH.

Once you've found the bet you are looking for it only takes seconds to open a Cloudbet account; with privacy such a key component of bitcoin we need a minimum of information from you. When you have your account you simply need to deposit bitcoin - read this article to learn how - then wait a short time for the transaction to confirm and you are set.

If the excitement of World Cup bitcoin betting isn't enough on its own, Cloudbet also offer all new customers a Risk Free Bet on the World Cup Final of up to 6.5mBTC, which is in addition to our Welcome Bonus - matching your first deposit 100% up to 5 BTC. That should hopefully be enough to convince to get started. If of course you are new to bitcoin, and haven't yet bought any, we have easy-to-understand articles that can walk you through the process. Learn how to buy bitcoin here.

World Cup bitcoin betting options fall into three broad group, each of which contain a huge array of options.

Outright Winner

The most basic World Cup market is the main outright winner market. Who will win the World Cup?

Our odds for the finalists reflect the respective teams' performance in the semi-finals. France were dominant throughout their match with Belgium. Though a 1-0 victory doesn't give the whole story. France are favourites at 1.95. Croatia haven't won in normal time in any of their knockout games, but they won't mind. And at 4.82 they'll have to prove they can take matches by the scruff of the neck a little sooner than previous matches. Both teams deserve their place in the final and both seem ready to write themselves into the history books.

Though there are now only two matches remaining there are still a varied number of World Cup bitcoin betting opportunities, from who will win the event, to whether a team will progress and who will win the coveted Golden Boot as top scorer. Follow this link to see all the World Cup bitcoin betting options available at Cloudbet.

Third Place Playoff

Fans of Belgium and England may be quick to write off this game as meaningless. And neutrals would hope for a more inspired display from both teams than their final group match. Belgium certainly looked threatening despite losing and that's reflected in their odds for the victory, 2.18. England's players looked tired and laboured in their extra time loss against Croatia which explains why they're longer at 3.36 to win in normal time.

Match Odds & Specials

The World Cup has seen amazing controversy and upsets which makes pre-game and live betting so much more exciting. Cloudbet are offering match-winner and live odds for the semi-finals, final and 3rd/4th play-off with margins which mean you'll win more than at any other bitcoin sportsbook.

Beyond the match-winner, you can bet on the total goals and a game handicap as standard along with dizzying number of different game options. You can bet on who'll score first, the number of goals, cards and corners and a whole load beside.

In-Play Betting

The opportunity doesn't stop when the whistle blows at kick-off for the final, in fact for many bettors this is when the real action begins because Cloudbet offer the widest range of in-play World Cup Final bitcoin betting markets. Once games have begun, just navigate to our Live odds area and wait for the right moment to place your bet. With so much at stake, in soccer's most important game, the live action for the final will be tense and exciting.

In-depth Previews

If you want get an expert view on the final you can jump to our World Cup previews which includes in-depth analysis of the final and 3rd/4th Playoff.

World Cup bitcoin betting comes of age

Bitcoin betting has come of age in the 2018 World Cup. Cloudbet has seen a 600% increase in the number of bets, coming from over 100 countries, so if you are ready to make the leap to bitcoin betting for the final, you are in good company. Sign up now and get started with a risk free bet; bitcoin betting is the future.

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