2019 NFL playoff divisional round betting guide

The 2019 NFL divisional round is just around the corner, and one thing’s for certain: it will be no easy task to beat what was one of the most memorable playoff rounds in recent history.

After a weekend that saw three road teams winning (and a hair-thin two-point loss for the Seahawks, the last visiting team), and all the four winners having triumphed after fielding playoff-green quarterbacks, this is a very promising divisional to say the least - and quite possibly a very rewarding one for bitcoin bettors.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming matches and check out where the top value is.

Colts @ Chiefs

Colts on the money line

The Chiefs have been fantastic this year, led by the presumptive MVP Patrick Mahomes but their Achilles heel is their porous defence. They simply cannot stop the run and this Colts offensive line is dominant, carving holes in front sevens filled with bigger and badder men than they will face on Saturday. Marlon Mack has been sneakily very good at the running back position this year but it almost doesn't matter who is in the backfield with the space available to run.

The temptation would be to go with the Chiefs because Mahomes is so dynamic but the Colts defence is good. They manhandled Deshaun Watson and the Chiefs line will have a difficult time containing the pass rush. One plus for KC is that the Colts play mainly a zone-defence, which is where Mahomes has had most of his success. This being said, the Colts will be aware of this and scheme accordingly.

Cowboys @ Rams

Rams -7

They might have had a late season wobble but Sean McVay has had two weeks since the season ended to prepare for this game and he is one of the few coaches in the league who can utilise that time well. They will have a rested Gurley back to lead the offence, which is vital, especially since Cupp went down with a season ending injury. They cannot rely on Goff to lead by himself but he is so much better when he has a safety net on third down. Expect Gurley to see lots of work in the passing game to help move the chains.

The 'boys offensive strength is in the run game and Wade Phillips will plan accordingly, stuffing the box to shut Zeke down before he does any damage. This will then put pressure on Cooper (who will be covered by Aqib Talib all evening) and presumably Cole Beasley/Michael Gallup. They have improved so much as a team through the year but it doesn't look to be their season.

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Chargers @ Patriots

Chargers on the money line

It's extremely difficult to bet against the Belichick/Brady Patriots at home in mid January but all great things must come to an end. The Patriots have had injury concerns this year but the biggest issue in this game will be Brady's lack of mobility and lack of weapons. The Chargers pass rush is legitimately ferocious and Joey Bosa will be licking his lips at the prospect of dethroning the king at home.

On the other side of the ball, the Chargers are almost a complete team with an efficient and accurate QB, a powerful running game and a red-zone and possession WR corps. The Patriots have a good secondary but their modus operandi is to remove the biggest threat and make the opposition beat you another way. The problem here is that they won't be able to cover all options. With this said, the pricing seems to have an inherent Patriots bias built in to it, so the value is with the Chargers.

Eagles @ Saints

Eagles +8

At what point do you just buy in to the Nick Foles magic? I suppose if Parkey would have landed a 43 yard field goal on a windless night in Chicago last Sunday then we don't talk about it anymore, but, the fact that the game was so close should give confidence that they will run the Saints close as well. The Eagles offence has looked efficient enough to score points regularly and have just enough talent to outgun a very good Saints defence.

The Saints offence, on the other hand, has struggled mightily over the last month of the season and we shouldn't expect them to put up 40, just because it's Drew Brees in the dome. The Eagles secondary is strong and if they can shut down the space given to Alvin Kamara then they will give themselves a fighter's chance of staying within one score.

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