If you’ve been interested in trading in crypto and not really known how, when or where to invest, then you’ve probably wished at some point that someone would just give you some crypto and let you decide what to do from there. This means you may well be pleased to hear about Fire Faucet, a site which offers to give you some crypto and leaves the rest up to you.

Of course, it isn’t that simple: one BTC is worth nearly CA$ 30,000 at the time of writing, so nobody is going to just hand those coins over to you, even if it is in fractional portions. You will have to work for it and, as we’ll see in a moment, the idea behind Fire Faucet is that there are multiple ways that you can go about doing that. After some time spent on the site, you should at least be able to say that you have some crypto holdings.

What is Fire Faucet?

Fire Faucet is a website that offers crypto faucet functionality. A crypto faucet is an online outlet that allows you to complete tasks and, in return, gives you free cryptocurrency. This can then be used anywhere that accepts crypto, including at crypto casinos like Cloudbet. So the question on everyone’s lips will be “how much crypto?” shortly followed by “and what kind of tasks?”. Well, let’s have a look…

Clicking shortlinks

Fire Faucet allows you to earn crypto by clicking a shortlink, which will then offer you the chance to complete a Captcha to visit a site. Some people have complained that when using this site, they never had the option to complete a Captcha, and the shortlink route is considered to be one of the less reliable methods on this site.

Completing surveys

This is an option many people may already have done on non-crypto sites. Surveys can be about anything and everything, although they’re usually consumer-focused. Each survey you complete gives you a points total, and enough points combine to make a crypto deposit for you.


If you’ve ever played an app-based game, you may be familiar with offerwalls. They are lists of offers that ask you to complete a task to qualify for game credits or, in this case, crypto. You may have to download a game and complete its first level, or enter a prize draw, or something similar, to get the coins.

Watching ads

Through Fire Faucet, you can click on a link that takes you to an ad for a product or service. You simply need to watch it to the end, and when you hear a programmed noise, you’ll earn points that can be exchanged for crypto.

A simple faucet

The easiest - but not necessarily most lucrative - way to earn points is simply to turn up to the site every once in a while and visit the “Faucet” section. Once there, you fill in a Captcha and are rewarded with points. You will also be told when you can next visit to claim more points, and when you do revisit, you just complete another Captcha. Rinse and repeat for more points.

At each turn on Fire Faucet, you can earn ACP (Auto Claim Points). Once you have earned enough, you can trade them in for a set amount of crypto. If you’re familiar with this kind of site - which has existed for fiat currencies for years - then you’ll know that it takes a long time on them to earn any usable amount of money, and the same is true here. But if you want to dabble in crypto without using any of your own money, Fire Faucet is a place to start.

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