If you’re a keen sports bettor, you would have noticed the surging interest in the iconic football video game, FIFA 2020, sparked initially by Leyton Orient’s UltimateQuaranTeam competition. With real football postponed until further notice, the English League Two side organised a 128-team competition that has seen real-world clubs duking it out for charity on FIFA 2020.

Orient's impromptu event is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to professional virtual soccer competition which has developed into an ecosystem all of its own, in parallel to the real-world version. The host of real-live pro footballers, such as Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale and Marco Asensio, bring greater attention to the lockdown inspired tournament, so with such interest and big names, it seemed only natural for the betting world to follow - and since Cloudbet added FIFA 2020 markets, it is outstripping the more familiar events within the surviving schedule.

Since Cloudbet added FIFA 2020 markets, it is outstripping the more familiar events within the surviving schedule.

What is FIFA 2020?

Any soccer fan has probably heard of EA Sports’ FIFA series, even if he or she isn’t an avid gamer. An array of superstars including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have graced the covers of various instalments of this football simulation, which Guinness World Records lists as the best-selling sports video-game series of all time. The 2020 version was released on Sept. 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

The game is lauded for its realistic touches, along with its multitude of attacking and defensive manoeuvres, that are initiated by one of many move combinations on a player’s controller: Control the long pass; Hold the ball for a few seconds as you call your strikers to get in position; A deft step-over to wrong-foot the defender before taking off in the opposite direction; A neat chip pass on to the head of a teammate charging into the goal square.

A steady build-up leading to a blistering goal is just as satisfying to watch on screen as it is in real life. Players can set up thoughtful defensive formations to nullify opposing strikers. So in almost all respects the virtual game represents a viable and fascinating surrogate for real-world soccer betting.

Today’s skilled FIFA 2020 player is adept at dozens of stick-and-button combinations, which is why watching - and betting on - two professional gamers go head-to-head in an on-line Manchester Derby can be just as enthralling as doing the same thing in real life.

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Because of its connection to soccer, some FIFA 2020 match-ups offer players many of the same familiar betting options as real-life football games. On Cloudbet’s new platform, players can find dozens of betting options at any given time, including Money Line (1x2), Handicap and Total Goal markets. Place wagers on match-ups between players repping teams from the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and France’s Ligue 1.

A word of advice for the would-be bettor: As with any kind of betting, it pays to do your research.The matches available are typically one-on-one contests between gamers who are often unknown to most bettors. It’s useful to study up a little to try to figure out who the players representing your favourite clubs are. Maybe the odds will make more sense once you’ve acquired some knowledge. Or they won’t, which in itself is a sign.

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Apr 28, 2020

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