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Cloudbet Referral Program FAQ

Why refer players to Cloudbet?

When you refer a new player to Cloudbet, their bets are tied to your account for life. That means any time they place a bet, you earn Lightning Points (LP) on top of the LP they earn themselves. And to make things even better, the amount of LP you earn from each bet goes up as both of you progress through Cloudbet loyalty tiers.

How do I earn Lightning Points from referrals?

When a new player signs up via your referral link, any bets they place will earn them Lightning Points as usual. In addition to those Lightning Points, Cloudbet will automatically send you Lightning Points equal to 20-50% of the LP your referral has earned, depending on your loyalty tier status. The only caveat here is that they must sign up within 90 days of first clicking your link.

How do loyalty tiers factor in?

Loyalty tiers act as powerful multipliers for referral LP. As with any player, the higher your friend’s loyalty tier, the more LP they earn with each bet. And because your referral earnings are tied to a percentage of the LP they earn, your referral earnings go up with every tier they reach.

In addition — and this is where it gets really good — as you progress through loyalty tiers, your referral percentage goes up as well.

In practice, this means that if both of you are at the lowest loyalty tier, Bronze, each bet they place earns them the standard LP, and you get an additional 20% of whatever they earn. Pretty great deal! But, if you are both in the highest tier, each bet earns them up to 2x LP and you get an additional 50% of that total!

What can I do with my Lightning Points?

Cloudbet LP can be used in our marketplace, where you can spend them on anything from free bets to sports bonuses, casino wager multipliers, free spins, and more. Additionally, as you earn LP both from your own bets and your friends’ bets, you advance up through Loyalty Tiers that each have their own advantages.

Do I have to place bets to earn LP?

You can refer friends and earn LP without placing bets yourself, but remember, for the sake of your own LP: If you do not make a real money bet in 3 consecutive calendar months you will lose all your LP, and any unused LP will expire 12 calendar month after they are earned.

Does my friend get anything if they join based on my referral?

Referees don’t get anything specifically from your referral, but your personal referral link will take them to a landing page that offers something for everyone. It could be our massive 5 BTC first deposit bonus, or one of our time-sensitive promotions, or one of the million other exciting reasons to join Cloudbet.

Am I earning my friend’s points?

No. Your friend earns their own LP points as usual. You earn additional LP created specifically for you as a reward for referring others.

Can I refer more than one person using the same link?

Yes! We recommend spreading your personal referral link as far and wide as possible in order to make the most of this program.

What is the most I can earn?

The sky is the limit. At the lowest level, you will earn additional Lightning Points equal to 20% of what your referees are earning. At the highest end, you will earn 50%. Refer the right players, and that could easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars worth of LP each month.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

Nope. There are hundreds of millions of potential Cloudbettors on Earth. We don’t want you to spam the world, but we’re not going to put a cap on how many people you can bring on board!

How can I track my referrals and rewards?

Your referral dashboard keeps track of everything you need to make the most of your referral program. You can see which friends have signed up, watch your Lightning Points will tick up in real time as your friends place bets, and you will move up through the tier statuses as they grow.

I referred someone without my link, can I still earn?

Referrals can only be tracked in the system through the links provided. Word of mouth is great, but bring some cards with your referral link on them if you’ll be spreading the word the old fashioned way.

What are some effective referral strategies?

Our highest earning referrers start with friends and close contacts and then move on to posting their links wherever they find likeminded people. Social media is a good start, but spamming the link everywhere is not a good idea. Look for the places that you actually engage with friends online, like specific Discords, Subreddits, or other communities you are active in.

And share the link when it’s most natural to do so. If you’re in a conversation with people talking board games, you could bring up that you had fun playing Jumanji slots or Monopoly Live. When everyone’s talking about a big sports game, you can work the Cloudbet odds into conversation. Add the link to your comment and boom! You’re referring friends in a way that’s helpful to them (and helpful to you).

OK, I’m ready to refer my friends! Where do I start?

You can find your personal referral link here. Congrats in advance on all the LP you are about to earn!

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