There are many reasons that Blackjack is such a popular casino game. In comparison with a lot of games, particularly card games, it is very simple to play, and offers an easy way into casino gaming. What’s more, Blackjack has a lower house edge than most casino games, meaning that if you know how to play, you should find that you’ll win more than a couple of hands here and there. 

That being the case, it may seem to the outsider that one game of blackjack is much the same as another, and this wouldn’t be absolutely accurate. For people looking to play Blackjack in Canada, it is worth recognizing that there are multiple forms of the game, many different bets you can make, and some casinos that offer a better Blackjack experience than others. To our minds, players who sign up to Cloudbet will have the best experience - and we’re going to explain exactly why. 

Range of games 

Blackjack is, of course, a reassuringly simple game, and you don’t need to mess with that to enjoy a game of online Blackjack in Canada. You can play simple, straightforward American Blackjack or go for European Blackjack instead. Players who try Bitcoin Blackjack at Cloudbet will enjoy the subtle differences in games; for example, you can make betting decisions in the European form of the game before the dealer sees their second card - so there is a chance to put some extra pressure on them. 

Innovative versions 

Thanks to our partnership with Evolution Gaming, we can offer enthralling new titles like Lightning Blackjack in our live online casino. What sets this apart from the usual type of game is that you can benefit from a lightning strike to win multipliers for the next hand of Blackjack. If things are timed well enough, you could make 25x your initial winnings on a single hand of play. That’s something that any player is going to want to take advantage of when playing Blackjack in Canada. 

High roller games 

There’s always something new going on in our online casino, and thanks to the excellent game developers we work with, we are always adding new games. High rollers will appreciate our Salon Privé version of blackjack, where you have the table to yourself and can choose the live dealer who will take control of the game. “Salon Privé” is the French for “private room”, and in this form of blackjack, you won’t have to wait for other players to make their bet before you can get down to action. 

Best developers 

We haven’t spent as long as we have in the online casino industry without learning what helps a casino grow - and picking the best developers to work with is a smart move every time. The live casino features games from Evolution, Ezugi, and Vivo Gaming, while NetEnt and Red Tiger are present in the main casino, as well as some games we’ve commissioned ourselves. Paying attention to the biggest names in the business means that we’re never going to be a step behind when it comes to games worth playing. If you want the best in new forms of Blackjack in Canada, then this is the site for you. 

We’d always advise anyone looking for a new casino to sign up with Cloudbet: we can’t help but be biased when what we have on offer is so good. But we’re also confident you’ll agree with what we say when you try it for yourself. We’ve got years of practice in delivering great casino games, and we hope you’ll enjoy them as much as our existing customers do.


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