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Week 13 action

It’s Week 13 in a season with so many twists and turns that we’re honestly amazed when there’s any form of consistency floating around the place.

Well, there’s the Pittsburgh Steelers who are undefeated, despite the NFL doing them absolutely no favours in postponing games against their divisional rivals.

But perhaps the most consistent element of the entire year is the ignorance Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson has when it comes to the quarterback position - Carson Wentz just isn’t the answer.

As December pushes on, it's getting chilly out there - even in Houston the lows are low, but in Minneapolis and Green Bay they're sub-zero. But the quarterbacks in this week's featured games will all be feeling the heat.

Here are three more prop market specials to strongly consider ahead of this week’s slate of games.

Philip Rivers - QB Indianapolis Colts. Over 0.5 Interceptions (1.95)

Indianapolis Colts (-3.5 1.96) @ Houston Texans (+3.5 1.90)

Let’s start by expressing a strong view: In our opinion, we can’t state just how much Romeo Crenell cannot become the next Head Coach of the Houston Texans.

However, what we absolutely can say with confidence, is that he’s still crafty enough to catch Philip Rivers out with pre-snap looks and rolling into other coverages to force a turnover.

We’re unsure how familiar you are with Philip Rivers folks, but let us tell you - the latter run he went on to end his career with the Chargers was not pretty. He was given far too much agency at the line of scrimmage to change plays, and while this can be a huge positive, it generally leads to interceptions.

Rivers is so head-strong that he frequently checks out of things he believes to be failed-plays-in-waiting and throws a quick slant or a bomb downfield to single coverage.

The Texans have some of the best defensive traps where they peel back into zones after the snap, and given Rivers likes to dunk and slant his way down the field, don’t be surprised to see him picked off yet again.

Mike Glennon - QB Jacksonville Jags. Under 35.5 Pass Attempts (1.80)

Jacksonville Jaguars (+10 1.95) @ Minnesota Vikings (-10. 1.90)

This is a very strange line for a number of reasons.

Right now, the Jags need less football to be played, so they’re going to run the ball. It’s their identity. They’re far better run blockers than they are pass blockers - and they’re considerably better on the ground than through the air, particularly with Minshew out.

And we’re not being funny, but with the promise of Trevor Lawrence only one more loss than the Jets away, we really don’t believe they’ll even attempt a comeback if they’re down big early.

The overhaul in Jacksonville is in full flow and they’re certainly not going to let Mike Glennon try and derail that.

Miles Sanders - RB Philadelphia Eagles. Over 62.5 Rushing Yards (1.80)

Philadelphia Eagles (+8 2.00) @ Green Bay Packers (-8 1.99)

The Packers play two-high safety looks all the time.

Given the Eagles like to run the ball out of the pistol, they’re usually three-wide with man coverage facing them. Given the return of Ertz, his block should allow for a maximum of six in the box at any one time to prevent Sanders from breaking one.

Philly know time is up for Wentz - and they’re going to ride Sanders the rest of the way, particularly on the ground.

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Here's a good one from the Cloudbet peanut gallery:
"Lemme know Wentz this is all over!"
"Rodgers, over."

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Dec 4, 2020

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