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Week 12 Thanksgiving action

It’s a slobber-knocking midweek special here at Cloudbet courtesy of the NFL’s traditional Thanksgiving Thursday triple header.

That normally means plenty of food, fun and football.

Now, while some of us may never be eligible to hold the highest office in the land, indulge us as we join with our cousins from across the pond and indulge in the finer things in life. After all, we’re still incredibly grateful.

And hopefully you’ll be thankful for these pointers as we get look forward to a triple-serving of success this holiday season.

That said, at this point the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers game is up in the air... so we'd like to take this moment to send our best wishes to those in and around the Ravens franchise being affected by this latest Covid outbreak.

Will Fuller - WR Houston Texans. Over 72.5 Receiving Yards (1.84)

Houston Texans (-3 2.01) @ Detroit Lions (+3 1.98)

Will Fuller dismantles man coverage.

The Detroit Lions play man coverage more than any other team in football. Even at a very basic level, this spells catastrophe.

And while Detroit will almost certainly double him with safety help overtop, that will only last so long.

Houston gradually grind their opponents down by taking what’s in front of them. That usually appears in Watson being able to scramble for a first down here or there, Brandin Cooks running a slant, or David Johnson being on-hand for the checkdown.

But it’s the moments when the Lions spy Watson, sink a linebacker to plug a hole underneath or dedicate a safety to Johnson, that Fuller breaks big.

The formula might be on film, but it’s the only way Houston are winning games. Given the Detroit secondary is somewhat banged up, I presume they’ll really struggle here too.

Logan Thomas - TE Washington. Over 29.5 Receiving Yards (1.84)

Washington Football Team (+2.5 2.07) @ Dallas Cowboys (-2.5 1.92)

The joy with Thomas is that, while his hands remain questionable, his size advantage does not - and Dallas do struggle against tight ends as a general rule, with their weak point actually being against the run.

The Washington franchise are certainly going through a transitional phase at the moment, but when you have Alex Smith under center, you know he won’t turn the ball over - meaning he’ll look time and time again at his underneath routes where Thomas is ideally placed to pay dirt.

Smith had that connection with Kelce at Kansas City and he’s providing the same safety-first approach to a team really yet to discover themselves. It helps their young offense the chance to cope with a lot of the more complex designs that they’ll likely have to contend with in Ron Rivera’s second year at the helm.

Willie Snead - WR Baltimore Ravens. Take the Over on offered Receiving Yards

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers (odds are currently unavailable given the uncertainty over the match going ahead, but please check back at the site)

When you play Pittsburgh, you can almost guarantee your primary read will not be open.

That’s how good this secondary is. But Willie Snead does act as a difference-maker when he’s third in Lamar Jackson’s progression.

There was a hint of them being on the same page last week and if that continues, this line could look quite generous.

Snead is a veteran, and these blitz packages and sneaky coverages don’t deter him from finding soft spots in their zones - as he did in each of his last two big showings.

Jackson’s accuracy might well be a problem, but he’s got enough velocity to find receivers open between linebackers - and this is where Snead frequently puts up big numbers on the other end.

Everyone excited?

Us too, my friends.

Cloudbet's latest NFL offer - You push, we pay

At Cloudbet we're always looking for ways to enhance your bitcoin sports betting experience, so we're now offering another level of protection on your zero margin bets.

Place a handicap bet on any of our zero margin NFL games and if it results in a push, we'll award you with a win.

When would a handicap bet push? A push occurs when an event ends without a winner or loser for betting purposes, and stakes are refunded. They're most common in American football and basketball, but are possible in almost every sport.

A handicap bet would be graded as a push if the point adjustment leads to a tie.

Let's take the Texans (-3 2.01) vs Lions (+3 1.98) game as an example.

If the final score is 35-32, for grading purposes this would be a push bet - the net result after handicapping being a tie.

For the full terms and conditions, click the image above.

With this latest offer, rather than anyone on either side of the result having their stakes returned, Cloudbet will pay out both sides as winning bets.

And let's not forget that the game is already being offered at the fairest odds available (2.01/1.98) because Cloudbet is offering the market without taking any vig - it's already started out as a best-odds, no juice, offering.

What's more, while we're launching the offer on Thanksgiving, we'll be extending it through the rest of the NFL season - on all zero-margin games.

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Nov 25, 2020

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