What is CS:GO?

CS:GO is an abbreviation of Counter Strike Global Offensive, deriving from an original game that started in 1999 with the first release as an unofficial mod for Half Life.

The game is an objective based FPS (first person shooter), where two opposing teams -Terrorists (T) and Counter-Terrorists (CT) - battle it out. Counter-Terrorists defend two bomb sites, which are attacked by the Terrorists side. Terrorists need to plant the bomb on one of the sites, if a bomb is planted CTs try to retake the site with the bomb ticking down.

How do you bet on CS:GO?

If you have never watched CS:GO, you can be forgiven for being confused as to what is going on, but behind the insanely fast and complex action, there are still just two teams whose aim is to win. In that sense it is no different to regular sports and nor is the betting.

A CS:GO match-up can be decided in one of two ways:

  1. Killing all the enemy team members
  2. By successfully defusing/exploding the bomb site depending on the site played

Teams consist of five players, playing a maximum of 30 rounds, each team plays 15 rounds on T side, and 15 on CT side, which team plays which side first is decided in the crucially important picking phase which takes place just before the match starts, and can have a huge influence on the odds.

First team to reach 16 rounds wins, in case of a 15-15 score Overtime is played in a best of 6 format (Bo6). Overtime is repeated until there is a winner, with no limit to the number of OTs.

This format means that CS:GO betting always revolves around a Money Line/Match Winner market, but equally - give the scoring structure - lends itself to a handicap market, with the perceived better team starting with say (-3) rounds and their weaker opponent (+3). If you are familiar with handicaps/spreads in traditional sports betting, you’ll quickly get the idea in CS:GO.

As with regular betting, there is plenty of scope for derivative markets, such as Correct Score as well as markets based on activity within each round e.g Kills and live betting for those that like to bet based on the ebb and flow of the battle.

Follow these guides to start betting with Cloudbet today

1. How to create an account
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CS:GO betting available right now at Cloudbet

If you have read this far and are excited to start esports betting with bitcoin at Cloudbet, you can bet right now on CS:GO with bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoin cash.

While Coronavirus is affecting CS GO events, and offline events aren’t taking place, there are still events going online. Here is a selection of the awesome CS:GO events available for betting now at Cloudbet with bitcoin:

ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe (Until April 12)

Featuring all the best teams like Astralis, Na’Vi, fnatic, G2, FaZe, NiP and many many many more. Bet now.

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Flashpoint 1 (Until April 19)
Featuring teams like MIBR, Cloud9, Dignitas and more. Bet now.

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CS:GO betting with bitcoin

The crypto and eSports communities have a lot in common, developing around a similar time and both driven by a desire for a re-invention of existing formats - money and competitive sport. For this reason eSports was always baked into the plan for Cloudbet’s new platform. We have heard from many new and existing customers, wanting CS:GO betting with bitcoin, and are excited to be able to now offer that with a large and growing number of markets.

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Apr 7, 2020

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