For Canadians looking to bet on cricket, the options haven’t always been that broad. Depending on which part of the country you are in, they may have been near enough non-existent for a while, given that the feeling has always been that cricket isn’t really a Canadian sport. Yet there are signs that things are changing, and if you’re a keen cricket fan you may be interested in some of the options that are springing up allowing you to take part in cricket betting in Canada.

Here at Cloudbet, we’re not the kind of people to ignore a sport just because it isn’t as popular as soccer nor as global as tennis. Especially as the sport begins to really grow in Canada, we’re making more and more options available that allow Canadian fans to get involved in betting on this bat-and-ball sport. Even if it may not be as big as baseball, you’re not going to lack for choices for cricket betting in Canada, and that’s a promise.

What are your options for cricket betting in Canada?

Unusually for a member of the British Commonwealth, Canada has not historically been a country that is that keen on cricket collectively. While countries like India, the West Indies and Australia among others have passionate support and excellent international teams, the sport has remained something of a minority pursuit for Canadians. Having said that, the national team has competed at three World Cups, so the sport is not exactly a nonentity when it comes to the fanbase in this country. And Canadians who want to bet on cricket certainly have their options, especially at Cloudbet.

Canada, let’s not forget, is home to a lot of people with roots in countries where cricket is a huge deal, and a sport can spread across continents due to fan interest. Often the national side has featured players whose parents and grandparents came to Canada from England, India, New Zealand or other test-playing cricket nations. And with the national side having been on the biggest stage possible in 2003, 2007 and 2011, there has also been no shortage of young Canadian converts to the sport.

Canada is also the venue for the Global T20 event, an annual tournament which began in 2018 and has featured top players such as Daren Sammy, Yuvraj Singh and Shoaib Malik. Teams including the Toronto Nationals, Montreal Tigers and Vancouver Knights have competed for the title in recent years.

What are the best markets to bet on in cricket?

When you use Cloudbet for cricket betting in Canada, you can bet on a huge range of markets which dwarf the possibilities available in a lot of other sports. As well as betting on which team will win a match, and how many total runs will be scored, there is a wealth of possible prop bets which include how many runs an individual player will score, whether a player will score more than fifty in an innings, and how many runs will have been scored before the first wicket falls.

To make a long story short, cricket may not be as huge in Canada as it is in a lot of other countries - yet - but for the Canadian cricket fan, there is a lot of opportunity to bet on the sport. You can sign up to Cloudbet and enjoy some of the best markets on cricket not just in Canada, but anywhere in the world.

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