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Cloudbet Sports Loyalty Program – Beta Testers Welcome

PLEASE NOTE: This post is outdated. Cloudbettors now earn Lightning Points on all real money bets, regardless of amount deposited. They can also earn lifetime commissions on referred friends’ bets, earn additional Lightning Points through our Loyalty tier program, and spend Lightning Points on everything from a Lamborghini to free bets and bonuses.

You’re going to love it. Check it out here.

At a glance

  • There are 6 Loyalty Tiers. At its core, the more you wager, the more you benefit.
  • You receive Bonus € rewards for every wager, irrespective of whether it wins or loses
  • You can level up with every placed wager, Bonus € are credited when wagers settle
  • This is an early beta, and we’re looking for your feedback to shape the product and build upon your experience
  • New customers are more than welcome to ask to be included in this beta launch as well as established players

Please note – this is an early beta and there may be bugs and the user experience could be unclear. Further, we have yet to align the sports tiers with our casino loyalty program which will happen in the next few weeks. As the loyalty program matures, you will be able to carry over your sports tier and progress into the casino or vice versa. Bonus € you have earned as points in the casino will also be available to be claimed as sports bonuses.

cloudbet loyalty beta screenshot

Play more, gain more

Following the successful launch of the casino loyalty programme, the sports loyalty programme has been designed to reward you as a sports player for every wager you make. No matter if the wager wins or loses. For each wager placed you will be rewarded with a Bonus € credit that accumulates and allows for conversion to free sports bonuses. There are 6 progressive tiers, with better rewards the higher you progress within the scheme.

What are Bonus €?

You will be awarded Bonus € for each sports wager you make, accumulating a rewards balance. You can claim sports bonuses using this balance, weekly.

When you claim a sports bonus, it will be awarded in Bonus €. You can choose the selected crypto currency it will be paid out in, upon successful completion of the rollover requirement. The rollover requirements reduce the higher your loyalty tier. If you reach Tier 5 for example, you can enjoy a 1x rollover.

Bonus € is a special bonus currency in Cloudbet, and as a dedicated bonus currency, this allows you to conveniently switch between your real money balance and bonus balance.

Converting Bonus € to real money

  • Having activated a bonus you’ll be asked to select the payout currency
  • Your bonus will appear as Bonus €, with all bonus wagers staked in Bonus €.
  • You can switch between real money balances and Bonus € balance by selecting it as a currency at any point in time
  • Once you have met the playthrough requirement, and all bonus wagers have settled, your Bonus € balance will convert to your pre-selected cryptocurrency, at market spot rates and be automatically credited to your real money balance, whereby you can continue to stake these funds or withdraw them as you wish.

Loyalty Perks besides bonuses

Zero margin events are a Cloudbet signature perk, wagering on zero margin contributes to leveling up, but will not contribute to your Bonus € balance.

Future perks include point multipliers for leveling up that can appear at any point in time to claim for a limited number of hours. Reward multipliers allow you equally to increase your Bonus € earnings for limited amounts of time when such offers are claimed.

Why Cloudbet is different

The Cloudbet loyalty program is inclusive! There are no minimum wagering requirements. In order to keep an achieved status, you need to maintain your play. The higher your tier, the slower your depreciation will be. Points can be earned by both wagering and being active on the site.

Winners are welcome, even if you are identified as a long-term winning account. We can keep your account open and lock you on a custom deal, with minimum restrictions and transparency.

Cloudbet doesn’t discriminate against users based on their winnings and we value utmost transparency in all our dealings with customers.

Beta Tester Early Access Advantage

Beta testers who provide feedback can contribute to the development of the program and will carry over the attained level when the final version launches. So make sure you fill out the Sports Loyalty Feedback Survey to secure your loyalty level! This will take less than 5 minutes and your input will help us shape our Loyalty Program, so punters will get the most out of it.

If you want to participate without wagering real funds, ask us for some Play €, that can also be used to level up in the lower tiers (but won’t allow for any claimable Bonus €).

Reach out to Cloudbet or Klaus Gravenreuth on Twitter, or to customer support. Cloudbet Customer Support is available 24×7 to answer any questions you may have about the loyalty program or your general experience with the site. We are also available for chat on Discord.

Once enrolled, your Loyalty Tier status will be displayed clearly in your account, along with your % completed progress towards achieving the next tier.


Is the beta testing available to anyone?

Yes, If you want to participate without staking real funds, ask for some Play €, that can also be used to level up in the lower tiers.

Are there any conditions to get a beta test access?

Simply place any sports bet within the last 7 days and your account can be enabled for testing.

Once enrolled, how do I claim my Bonus € ?

When the bonus is available, the Claim button status will become active.

Are rewards and bonuses directly withdrawable?

Rewards and bonuses are not immediately withdrawable. Rewards can be claimed as bonuses regularly, depending on your level, progress and play. Bonuses have certain playthrough requirements before they convert into a withdrawable currency of your choosing. The playthrough requirements will decrease when you level up.

Does my Bonus € expire? 

Bonus € will remain in your balance even if your tier status depreciates and you are inactive for a while. Further, you can choose to not use reward cash when available and build it up to acquire larger rewards. If you have a bonus awarded you don’t use and let it expire, the reward cash is credited back into your balance on that expiry.

Should you be inactive for over 12 month and are for example not returning for the next season of your sport, we will however start decaying your reward cash on your decay schedule.

Why am I levelling up slower and slower?

With every new level you reach, you will get access to better rewards and more favourable playthrough requirements. At the same time, it gets progressively more challenging to level up further, with increased staking and play required to reach the next level.

Does each wager contribute equally to the Loyalty Program? 

Bonus € is based upon your unit stake for odds above 2.00 (+100) and net winnings for wagers placed below 2.00 (+100). Additional Bonus € weighting is awarded for wagers placed on events with high limit events e.g. EPL, NFL, NBA etc and for wagers placed on markets with higher odds. Bonus € are awarded on settlement of each individual wager. Pushed wagers do not contribute to your Bonus € total but do contribute to your tier status progress.

Is the Cloudbet Sports Loyalty Program linked to the Casino version? 

As of November 1st, we are in the process of syncing the Cloudbet Sports and Casino loyalty Program to align your loyalty tier and rewards across both verticals. You can now use your sports bonus to spend on Casino perks as well.

Why are Sports and Casino Rewards accumulated differently?

In Sports you are accumulating your loyalty rewards on a schedule (i.e in the Gold tier, accumulated rewards are available weekly). While Casino play is rewarded instantly, Sports loyalty rewards are tied to settled bets, pending rewards for unsettled bets will be carried over into the next schedule.

Can I use my Sports loyalty rewards in the Casino?

Yes, at the end of each bonus schedule, your accumulated Sports loyalty rewards will become available across product and can be used as Sports bonus or spent on Casino perks.

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