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Cloudbet Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Cloudbet Loyalty Program! Place bets. Earn Lightning Points. Refer your friends. Choose your own rewards. It’s that simple.

Here’s how Cloudbet’s best-in-class loyalty program works.

What you need to know

  • Earn Lightning Points
  • Climb Loyalty Tiers
  • Refer Your Friends
  • Shop the Marketplace

Lightning Points

Lightning Points are Cloudbet’s very own in-house loyalty points. You earn Lightning Points in two ways:

  1. Placing real money bets yourself
  2. Referring friends who place real money bets.

While other sites tie bonuses to deposits or losses, at Cloudbet, it doesn’t matter how much you deposit or if you’re on a hot streak. Lightning Points add up as you play. And as you’ll see in the Referrals section below, they can also add up as your friends play.

Loyalty Tiers

As you earn Lightning Points, you also move up through our Loyalty tiers. Each tier has its own particular perks, but one of the best is that with each higher tier, you earn more Lightning Points per bet.

Like frequent flier programs, the more loyal you are, the more Lightning Points you earn relative to your betting. Once you make it to the Ruby tier, for instance, you’ll earn double Lightning Points on every qualifying bet you place.

Loyalty tiers are separated between sportsbook and casino. You could potentially be both a Sapphire tier casino player and a Sliver tier sportsbook player or vice versa. This way, we reward you where you play, and players focused on one side of Cloudbet or another climb as quick as they can.

Loyalty tiers also change how you earn points. In casino, you can check how much you need to wager to collect one point by clicking on the “more details” arrow below the game image. On Cloudbet Sports at the initial Bronze tier, the reward is currently up to 0.12% when you wager on high limit events with standard margins.

Referrals Program

The Cloudbet referral program offers players the chance to earn lifetime commissions on friends’ bets simply by sharing a link.

Here’s how it works:

Everyone with a Cloudbet account automatically has a personal referral link. You can find yours here.

When a friend signs up through your referral link, any bet they place from then on earns them Lightning Points as usual. But in addition to those Lightning Points, you earn a percentage on top of what they earn — and this goes on for the life of their account!

cloudbet referral program screenshot

And on top of that, the percentage you earn gets better as you progress up through the Loyalty tiers. And since they earn more LP per bet as they progress up through loyalty tiers too, there is a chance for exponential growth in earnings.

Learn more about the referral program here, or go straight to your link and start sharing away!

The Cloudbet Marketplace

The exclusive self-reward system from Cloudbet, where YOU decide how to spend your points.

What is the Marketplace?

Marketplace is the exclusive reward hub created entirely by the team at Cloudbet, with you in mind. Check it out here.

Marketplace is where you spend all the Lightning Points you earn by placing real money bets and referring friends. Choose from free bets, spins, and bonuses or incredible IRL rewards like a Lamborghini Huracán, rare Rolex, and a dream Maldives vacation. At Cloudbet, you decide your own rewards!

How to use Marketplace?

We’ve made choosing how to spend your points easy.

You can either select any of the prepackaged Free Spins and bonuses based on our customers’ most popular games and configuration, with the required number of Lightning Points clearly visible underneath each game, or you can customize your own reward, choosing from a huge selection of sports and casino bonuses as well as slots and live casino games.

As an example:

Here, you will see that you can purchase 10 free spins for Dead or Alive for 87 Lightning Points, which will then be deducted from your Balance.

If you want to buy Bonuses with your points, we’ve added handy ‘Quick Buys’ just underneath, where you can buy Bonuses with your Lightning Points. For example, if you would like to receive €20 with 15 times wagering, then you will spend 1,250 Lightning Points, so you will choose this package:

If you click on your preferred package, you will be able to see more clearly what you are purchasing and choose your winning currency, clearly showing the wagering requirements.

If you prefer to choose a specific amount to spend on your Lightning Points, then our ‘Custom Rewards’ is for you.

Just underneath the Quick Buys, you will see ‘Customer Rewards’ for all the type of rewards available, namely Sports Bonus, Casino Bonus, Casino Free Spins and Live Casino Free Bets.

They all have different customization, as they are for different products, but they are all easy and easily understandable, so let’s have a look on how to use them.

The Max Amount for each will show you exactly what you can claim with the balance you have.

Customize it and choose exactly how you want to spend your points.


  • Bonus Currency
  • Bonus Value (in Euros)
  • Wagering requirements for the Bonus

The price adjusts according to the bonus you want. Once you are happy, then simply click on Buy Now, activate your bonus and enjoy your bonus.

If Live Casino is your game, then you can customize your free bets on your favourite games. Simply go on the Live Casino Custom Free Bet tab, choose your game from the dropdown menu, select your winning currency and the value! All free bet winnings are credited as cash directly to your Cloudbet wallet.

Do you like a flutter on sports? Claim your points to place your bets!

Simply customize the amount you have available.

Select the Bonus Value and the Winning Currency, the rollover requirement and the minimum odds will remain the same.

Finally, you can also Customize the number of Free Spins you’d like to claim with your points.

Head straight to Casino Free Spins and click Customize. Choose your favourite game: this will change the number of spins and the spin size, as each game will have different parameters. Each time you choose a game, the options will automatically update and you can then make your selection, then simply click on Buy Now and you will be taken to your game to enjoy your spins.

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