There are few sports around the world which have experienced the same rapid growth as Ultimate Fighting - or Mixed Martial Arts, as it is also often called. The sport has grown from  a minority interest just a few years ago into something entirely different. Top ultimate fighters are now celebrities in their own right, and most of us can name at least one or two of the big names within the UFC universe. And, as it has become a big sport for people to watch, UFC has also become a huge betting sport, with some of the bigger fights attracting betting that dwarfs most other sports.

UFC, like most other sports, has a wide-ranging calendar that includes regular events in smaller arenas with less-known fighters, as well as big fight nights which are usually broadcast live on pay-per-view. These fight nights are the ones which will usually attract more betting, but on Cloudbet you can bet on both the big events and on smaller ones which often escape the attention of the other bookmakers. Whether it’s a big Saturday night pay-per-view event, or a card hosted in a small gym somewhere less iconic, if you’re a UFC follower, you can bet on the UFC in Canada with Cloudbet.

What can you bet on?

The main markets for UFC betting will probably come as no surprise, whether you know UFC well or you’ve never seen it before. Primarily, people like to bet on who will win a big fight. While just about every fight will have a favourite, some are more evenly-matched than others, and picking the winner in one of these matches can mean a decent return. Cloudbet includes a stats card for each match when the betting markets open, which allow you to see how different fighters have fared in their careers up until now.

The markets don’t end there, though. As well as picking someone to win, you can also bet on how they win. You can predict that one fighter will win by KO or Technical KO; by submission; or by a judges’ decision. You can also make a bet that the fight will go to a draw, or that, regardless of winner, it will be decided by judges. For any specific fight, you can also bet on which round it will end at Cloudbet. Some of the bigger pay-per-view fights can be scheduled to go five rounds, and if you pick the correct round it can often mean a very solid return on your bet.

What should you know before betting on UFC with Cloudbet?

It is only fair to be clear that you should know a bit about UFC before trying to bet on it. While you can always read tips online to get some guidance, those tips are written by fallible human beings and there will often be some variance between what two “experts” say about a specific fight. If you watch a few fights, especially those involving the fighters that you are betting on, you’ll be in a vastly better position to bet on the UFC in Canada with Cloudbet. A fighter who is aggressive in his or her attacks stands more of a chance of winning by knockout, while a more cerebral, technical fighter is more likely to win via submission.

You should also know that there are plenty of sites out there dedicated to compiling stats about UFC, and it is never a bad idea to read up on these before you sign up at Cloudbet and place a bet. You can learn a lot about two fighters’ strengths and weaknesses before they face off against one another, and a well-informed bet is always likely to be more successful than following your heart.

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