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What Can I Bet On With Bitcoin?

In the short time that bitcoin has existed, it’s prompted fears, disagreements and innovation. As the number of ways you can use it increase, we look at what you can bet on with bitcoin.

Just like regular cash, you can exchange bitcoin for goods and services. Though there are many vendors that now accept bitcoin as a payment, there are very few that are an actual improvement on cash.

We’re not in the business of telling you how it will change your life. If you’ve placed a bet online with established bookmakers you may have experienced delays in receiving your winnings or with placing the bet you want. Fraud is a huge problem. These bookmakers need to ensure the money they’re receiving won’t be charged back and the money they’re paying out is going to a legitimate person.

At Cloudbet, when we receive funds, we know it’s arrived. The blockchain is a publicly accessible record of transactions. So if you know the transaction number, you can follow your transaction as it makes its way through the network. How? Just check to see.

So as long as you know you’re sending bitcoin to the right address, you’ll know when it’s arrived. Bitcoin wasn’t built for gambling but it certainly makes it easier.

Sports betting

Once you’ve deposited your bitcoin into your Cloudbet wallet, you can bet on any of our available markets in our sportsbook. Simply check if your chosen sporting event is featured and place your bet. Our odds are much more generous than you’ll find elsewhere because we offer some of the lowest margins of any bitcoin betting site. From major sporting events like the World Cup in Russia to rugby internationals, ITF Challenger matches to NBA finals you’ll find a market to suit you. And with some of the highest betting limits of any sportsbook, your wagers could take you somewhere very special.

In play betting

The start of a match or race doesn’t have to mean the end of your bets. Cloudbet has a dynamic in play betting engine so you can place bitcoin bets on selected sports once it’s started. Each match will have different markets depending on the action taking place. The odds will change depending on what action takes place so don’t wait for the best price. You might miss your opportunity.

Casino games

Casino betting is your ticket to year-round games. You don’t need to wait for anyone, just play whenever you want to win. From slots to poker and even games of skill, you can gamble your bitcoin as much as you’d like. The sky really is the limit. Not ready to bet just yet? Most of our casino games have a free play option so you can practice until you’re playing perfectly. Then when you’re ready, stake your bitcoin to win big.

Live Casino

Ready to play for some serious coin? Then take a trip to our Live Casino. Though the tables have low buy-ins, your winnings are only limited by your bravery. No matter what the time of day, there are tables available. In this area of the Cloudbet Casino, you’ll find classic casino games to play. With roulette, poker, baccarat and more available to play whenever you want to, there’s no better place to bet with bitcoin than at the Cloudbet Casino.

Doubled up bets

As with any currency, bitcoin is traded against others. The growth in interest and popularity of bitcoin towards the tail end of 2017 saw it reach a new all-time high. If you’d won a bet during one of these growth periods, your winnings would be worth even more to you. And considering that Cloudbet has one of the lowest margins of any sportsbook, you’ll always receive fair odds.

Ready to bet?

With these betting options, there are plenty of chances for you to win big. Explore our sportsbook and casino and place your bets.

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