IPL cricket bitcoin betting strategy guide

With another season of the Indian Premier League about to start, cricket bitcoin betting opportunities are ripe - and even more enticing with Cloudbet’s new lowest minimum stakes starting at just 10 Satoshi. So, if you are into cricket & crypto, and live in India - or anywhere else, really - this is the perfect time to get started with bitcoin betting on cricket.

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry - our guest author Matt Harris has put together a full cricket betting guide to get you up and running in no time.

Match Betting

In this section we will start with the basics: Match betting remains the most popular option in any sport and cricket is no exception. As mentioned, the T20 version of the game can be volatile so we’ll start by being patient. Waiting to see how a tournament such as the IPL develops can be beneficial and some examples from previous seasons will underline that.

For those who want to jump in straight away, we’ll outline the key stats needed that can turn those odds in your favour.

This is where most bettors will start and at least T20 cricket takes one result out of the equation. There is no draw available so it’s simply a case of picking a winner from the two sides on show.

Surprise outcomes do continue to happen in the short form however both in the Indian Premier League and in other T20 games. In the 2019 series between West Indies and England, the Windies started the series as clear favourites but their opponents won all three games.

Outsiders come through in Twenty20 more than in any other format but there are patterns that you can follow that can help to turn the odds in your favour.

Tournament Trends

If you’re patient and happy to wait until a few games have been played out, it’s possible to identify trends in the IPL that may lead to future profits. Let’s go back to the 2016 edition - a time when the batsmen prospered and Virat Kohli came close to notching an incredible 1000 runs in the tournament.

Moving back to the start of that competition, keen-eyed punters were noticing that the majority of games were won by the side batting second. In fact, of the first 15 games to be played in that tournament, 13 went to the chasing team. Of course, bettors had to wait until the toss to see who was batting second and by that time the market may have altered but many were making profits between games five and 15.

That trend started to even out slightly from that point but it was clearly one to follow and there have been others.

Home Comforts?

Does home advantage hold any significance in such a short form of the game? Surely there are less variables in T20 cricket so we shouldn’t automatically favour the hosts? There are contrasting theories here but once again, history shows patterns that bettors can follow.

Moving back now to the 2013 edition of the Indian Premier League, it was shown that 16 of the first 23 games were won by the home side. Compared to the previous stats on sides batting second, the percentages aren’t exactly overwhelming but this is another example of how punters can quickly act to identify trends.

Back to  Basics

The above tips focus on indicators that can kick in after a few IPL matches have been played but for early tournament betting, it really is a case of going back to basics. Take a look at form and any head to head statistics you have between the two sides taking part. The official Indian Premier League website is a good place to start in terms of any stats you need.

Form and trends are not a guarantee of future outcomes but nobody should take a punt on the IPL without that basic level of research.

In summary, our key advice would be to wait until a few games of each IPL have been played and you can then identify some trends and indicators that can help you moving forward. Alternatively, if you want to jump in straight away then basic research and extensive analysis are your allies.

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Top Batsman

This section will cover what we feel is the most popular side market in cricket. It could be compared to first goalscorer betting in football because, for many of us, this is where we head after calling the game.

With eleven players on each side it can be a tough prediction but after ruling out the tail enders, there are strategies we can use. Once again, there are indicators that can kick in once a tournament has begun and the pattern of a competition can be followed. In addition, batters have their own idiosyncrasies hidden among their statistics and we’ll look to see how we can uncover those.

All forms of cricket offer us the chance to take up a range of side bets but perhaps the most popular of these is for top batsman. We’re looking for the player in each side who we think will score the most runs in the game with dead heat rules applying if two batters make the same score.

Once again, we can use trends to identify a winner and that IPL tournament of 2016 gives us a perfect example here too. At the end of that competition, Virat Kohli had scored a staggering total of 973 runs and of course, he finished as top batsman in a number of games for Royal Challengers Bangalore. RCB’s skipper didn’t however, have a monopoly in this market.

Teammate AB De Villiers finished third in the run scoring table with 673 so the first tip is to consider a hedge. With both of these men coming in at odds of around 7/2 you could back both and still claim a profit as long as one of them drops in.

Beyond that tip, form is an obvious point to consider and you should also be looking at trends relating to individual batters. Does a player have a particularly strong record against a certain set of opposition and do they prefer certain grounds above others? Once again, all the stats pertaining to this can easily be found from resource sites.

To summarise, waiting to see how tournament trends develop can be profitable for those with more patience. For those betting right at the start of the IPL, look for crucial statistics including numbers of runs scored against specific opposition and on the ground in question.

Most Sixes

This is the section where we look beyond the obvious and focus on one of the more obscure prop bets. Most Sixes isn’t quite a 50/50 call because the tie can drop in occasionally but here we will show you indicators that can lead to value in backing the outsider.

This is, perhaps one of the more obscure prop bets so why have we included it? Most sixes betting usually follows the same pattern as the result market. That means that the strongest team will dip below Even Money while the side expected to lose will be at a marginal odds against.

The tie, usually priced at around 7/1, can drop in quite frequently but here, we’re looking to pick a winner. The first tip is to look for power hitters in the weaker team’s ranks. Around ten years ago, Sri Lanka carried some world class talent in the shape of Dilshan, Sangakkara and Jayawardene but in general, these were cultured players who liked to keep the ball ‘on the deck’.

Therefore, if Sri Lanka were favourites to beat the West Indies at that time then it’s likely they would lead the six hitting market too. However, the Windies, with Chris Gayle and other power hitters, would be the smarter bet even if they went on to lose the match.

As a final word on Most Sixes, there is also a trend that shows the weaker side thrashing balls over the boundary at the end of their innings in a lost cause. This would happen if they take second knock and fall behind the rate so we would need to wait until the toss before committing.

In conclusion, don’t simply follow the odds and assume the favourite will win: Look for the ‘power hitters’ in each side and also, consider backing the weaker of the two teams once you know they are taking second knock.

Man of the Match

In our final section, we’ll consider a simple tip in a market with more choice but longer prices. Man of the Match awards often follow a specific trend in any form of cricket and we can take advantage of that.

Our final tip is reserved for Man of the Match betting where, the theory that the batters are favoured by the adjudicators is backed up by real stats.

There are no guarantees of course but we would suggest that if you are super-confident about your top batsman pick, you may want to add him to your Man of the Match betslip.

To conclude, while this isn’t a nailed on certainty, if your choice of top batsman comes in then there is a strong chance he will land the Man of the Match  award at the same time.

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About the Author
Matt Harris

Matt Harris

Guest Author

Posted on 2019-03-15

Freelance cricket writer whose career started with England’s infamous tour of India in 1992/93. On the field a bits and pieces all rounder who’ll happily tell you about his two test victims if you have a few hours to spare.

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